Bell 429 seen September 18, 2012

Early into the morning and the 429 was still in the shadow of the hangar as the sun rose in the east, behind me

Closeup from the fence. Notice the registration. Perhaps this bird is owned by Bell?

Later into the morning, the shadow has disappeared. The flight crew was here when I took this picture, but they did not visit the AeroKnow Museum, and we did not meet. Not the stays are still attached to the rotor.

I usually keep close to aircraft about to fly, but when I wandered into the lobby and discovered the rotor in motion, I made a mad dash back to the office, grabbed my camera and arrived just in time to snap this . . .

Photographing any body in motion with a “point and shoot” non-single-lens-reflex camera like my Sony Cyber-shot — which I LOVE, btw — requires recognizing the best picture opportunity as it approaches, rather than when it arrives. By the time the picture is taken, because I thought ahead as the 429 began climbing and acellerating, I took this picture which is probably the best of this series. It was a rushed, but rewarding encounter!


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