B-25H Mitchell “Barbie III”

In the early  80s, the Heritage In Flight Museum entered into a partnership with the Weary Warriors, a group of men in northern Illinois who had purchased a B-25 that, post war, had been fitted with a standard bomber nose intended to accommodate a bombardier crew member. Long story short . . . the partnership proved a disappointment to all concerned, and the Warriors m-established sole possession of the airplane and did a pretty good job of restoring it. Years later, in 2004, when they displayed the restored aircraft at Springfield Air Rendezvous, I walked up to one of the older gentlemen crewing the bird and chatting with visitors and said “Welcome back to Springfield.” When he replied the airplane had never been in Springfield, I introduced myself as a founding board member of the Heritage In Flight Museum and shared the history of his airplane with him. It was a cordial, but not happy, encounter. Still, I appreciated a lot about what they had done to the airplane and took several pictures, most shared here. This airplane was subsequently sold to new owners, not in Illinois.

B-25H “Barbie III” at Springfield Air Rendezvous 2004



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