183d Fighter Wing Gate Guards

183d FIghter Wing Gate Guards September 23. 2012

F-4D distant left, F-84F right


The Sabre flew with the 170th TFS, 183rd TFG for less than two years between Mustangs and Thunderstreaks.

Sabre on a stick.

a nose like almost no other

insignia of the 183rd TFG, later re-designated 183d Fighter Wing


nose art on the Thunderstreak

Ralph Bush was group commander several years; later commanded the Illinois National Guard at Camp Lincoln on Springfield’s north side.

commemorative plaque at base of the F-84F

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak

insignia of the 170th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard.

F-86E Sabre

F-4D Phantom

a phabulous phlying machine

from under the Phantom’s nose

colors in tribute to the cause of freedom

zoom zoom zoom

4D, 84F and 86E

Whi8le in combat with another unit over North Vietnam, the crew of this 4 downed a MiG-21. Few MiG kills have been made over central Illinois.

support brackets for the 4

centerpiece of the display

The site dedication area and stone were added after the three aircraft had been mounted on pedestals

86E and 84F

I “added” a “sun” to the upper right of this picture. The sky was pure blue when the picture was taken.

This picture was also retouched.

close to the Sabre


The badge of an exemplary ANG unit.

looking west

The 84F was repainted in 2008.

sign of the former ANG main entry gate

The main entry gate has been relocated to the recently completed airport drive, at the first stoplight after the one at Veterans Parkway to the south.

AeroKnow Museum of Springfield, Illinois salutes the 183rd Fighter Wing.


















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