Republic F-84F Removed from 183d TFG Pedestal

The Republic F-84F Thunderstreak removed recently from its pedestal in a memorial park next to the former main gate of the 183d Fighter Wing, Illinois Air National Guard actually flew operationally with the group until the type was replaced by McDonnell F-4Cs in January 1972.

183d photographer leans against the vacated F-86 pedestal to watch removal of the Republic F-84F from its mount.


positioning the harness bar over the Thunderstreak while the cherry picker crew assists      






attaching the front harness

thanks to relatively light wind and the experience with the Sabre, progress with the ‘Streak was swift


This particular aircraft was assigned to the 170th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 183rd Tactical Fighter Group and was based at this airport.


As the crane lifted the airplane off the pedestal, the heavy tail sank close to the ground but did not touch it.

moving toward the waiting truck      


just after separation from the pedestal




to the truck

Easy does it.




safe and secured









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