183d TFW Gate Guards Waiting – Part 2

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak
on transport flatbed


Sid Fox served as crew chief for this particular Thunderstreak when it was a part of the 183rd TFG roster.

Tail tip and wing tip colors designated aircraft of each flight (group of four).

One of the deviations from authentic representation of aircraft in service was the painting of the gun ports red. This is pure fantasy, but the painting crew was in charge of the painting.

  Another deviation was the re-painting of the preserved aircraft in only one green color (34102) instead of the two greens applied in SEA-scheme birds. I was told there was not enough money in the preservation budget for the second green (34079):

McDonnell F-4D Phantom was being repainted after years outside on the gate guard pedestal.

Detail marking differ from those applied when it was displayed outside.

This picture was taken from the top of a maintenance stand we moved into position for this view.

Capt. John Patterson flew with the unit many years. He also flew the last 183d F-16 to its new home in Arkansas.

C/C SSgt Marty Gaither lost his life when he was accidentally sucked into a running F-4 engine while the aircraft was on the ground.

Capt. Kenney Vennell retired from the 183rd earlier this year. Thanks to Dale Jensen for correcting the original caption.

a front view of the F-4D

port tail pipe

The F-16 slated for display on a new pedestal by the new main entry gate did not fly with the 183d but has been repainted in authentic 183d markings and colors.

The large concrete barriers around the airplane were placed there to discourage security trucks from driving into the airplane at night when all the lights are out.

The unit’s first hangar, completed about 1950, now is the home of a F-16 engine repair facility.

note the F-86 and F-84F in the background

So long, Viper, until we meet again on your new pedestal!

The next post here at AKM Gallery of flight will include a view inside the engine repair office and displays in the unit’s dining area.



  1. Dale J

    Kenny Vennell retired from the 183rd earlier this year. He’s on Facebook.

  2. Dale J

    I neglected to mention Kenny retired as a Lt. Col. The Captain rank is correct for the F-4 time period however.

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