Gulfstream G-IV

When I arrived at AeroKnow Museum June 11, late in the afternoon I saw and photog’d this elegant machine. The sun was on the wrong side of the sky, and I knew it would be in shadow, but the clouds looked good, and I took a chance. . . . .

Fulfstream G-IV, June 2013

Gulfstream G-IV, June 2013





The next morning, the light was better, and I took my time.

























All pictures in this series except one were taken while poking my camera lens through the heavy wire mesh hurricane fence that separates the public area from the tarmac where the birdmen and birdwomen park their birds. Sometimes the fence gets in the way, and I must severely crop the picture to capture what I want. That’s what happened with the picture above.





In late afternoon when I returned from work away from my favorite airport, I engaged a Falcon 50 driver who kindly escorted me to the ramp to phot his 50. Walking back to the FBO’s office I stopped briefly for this pic of the IV. The color stinks — I didn’t fiddle with color saturation here — but it was just that time of late afternoon and even so, I was looking into shadow here. I liked the clouds and the control tower in the background, and that is why I took the picture.  I will feature the 50 later here in the AKM Gallery.

Late in the day the clouds had cleared and the sun was setting. When I  checked on the IV it was obvious it would be a particularly pretty sunset, and I could not have asked for a better foreground. The angles weren’t right, but it was still a unique opportunity, and I took it. This picture was taken later into the sunset.

This and the next picture or two were taken earlier in the late afternoon.












I am fortunate to have a special “elevated place” where I can phot when the location of the aircraft makes if worth the “rising to the occasion.” The picture above this one was taken with the camera slightly elevated so the hurricane fence wasn’t visible. For the picture immediately above, I lowered the camera to show some of the fence.
Final  pic in this series shows the fence and the distant sunset.
The camera’s autofocus paid attention to the fence and not the IV. That’s okay. I believe the picture works this way. What do you think?


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