C-130E Hercules

C130-a   This C-130 was photographed June 26, 2013 at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Springfield, Illinois. Every picture was taken from the public side of the hurricane fence.









C130-c                                                                                            I returned to the airplane after light rain had fallen and got down on my knees for this picture. The light reflected from the wet tarmac helps illuminate the USAF underneath the port wing.
I am guessing the rudder came from fresh replacement inventory. That would likely explain the darker gray in the close-up. The effect may be due to my fiddling with it in Corel Photo Paint.


































C130-k    Here is what the public saw approaching from the FBO’s building, home, incidentally to AeroKnow Museum. To get a view as nice as the rest of the pictures here, you must hold an eye so close to the fence that you see no fence. Hard for an eye; easier for a Sony Cyber-shot.
C130-t    The rain went away, but a few minutes later, I learned a REALLY BIG shower was coming in from the northwest. It was clear to me when I saw the parting clouds that this was about the best light I was going to have, so I should take advantage of it, and I did.
C130-y3Photing (I don’t like to say “shooting”) is difficult without a lens shade, and the Sony has none. During a short lull in the downpour, I took a few quickies.


C130-y2 This one has been slightly retouched in the name of “humor.” No disrespect to the airplane, its manufacturer, flight and maintenance crew is intended. 🙂

C130-zHere is the better of the two I snapped between the raindrops.

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