183d FW Gate Guards Waiting

These pictures show the former gate guard F-84F, F-86 (actually a Canadair CL-13), F-4D and future gate guard F-16 as they were when I visited them at the home of the 183d Fighter Wing, Illinois Air National Guard. They are slated to be mounted on new pedestals in the public area memorial park just outside the new main gate to their facilities at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport Springfield, IL. All pictures in this post were taken in November 2012.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger image. All photos were taken by Job Conger, Founder, AeroKnow Museum, and may not be published elsewhere without permission from Job Conger.

Canadair CL-13 Sabre
painted and marked as a
North American F-86E

The paint covering this airplane
shows unacceptable damage from
adverse weather.

left wingtip close

This particular aircraft
did not fly with the 170th TFS,
183rd Tactical Fighter Group

Note conspicuous
weather damage.

The unit flew the Sabre
less than two years.

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak

F84F 30  The larger pictures were taken at the same time as the smaller. The F-4D had just been re-painted




F16-10This particular F-16A was never flown by the 183d.

A T-33 recovered from Southern Illinois University School of Aviation was being restored at the time these pictures were taken. I understand it is finished and outside near the 183d’s main hangar. I will try to visit and photograph the airplane and share “during and after” restoration photos at a separate page dedicated to the T-33.


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