The Lear 60 that Visited Christmas Day

December 25, 2013 about  1 pm
Christmas day was the perfect day to accomplish something at AeroKnow Museum with no bothersome visitors dropping in from the sky and especially none dropping in from Springfield, Illinois. I accomplished a lot early in the day and was ready for a little diversion when a visitor stuck his head into my office and asked if I could buzz him back out onto the ramp. I hadn’t even heard it arrive! Lea60-g7
During our brief chat I learned that the airport at Quincy had been closed because of ice-covered runways. Light snow was all that came to Springfield’s Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, and the runways were in good shape. I don’t like to photograph visiting business jets when the travelers are present because I don’t like them worrying about the stranger taking pictures of their flying machine. When the noise quieted down in the lobby, I put on my jacket and took some pictures through the fence. The first pic was taken deliberately showing the new fence and the sign.

My Sony Cyber-shot’s lens is small enough for me to put it between the heavy wires to take clean pictures sans fence.








Lea60-g4 This picture has been slightly retouched.





DSC08786   He was not on the ground long. When I saw the door close and the first engine begin to spool up I returned to the fence for a few parting pictures.








Lea60-g9It’s interesting how the color scheme visible on the outside of the ventral fins is also displayed on the inside of the fins as well.

Lea60-g10If he had turned right onto the taxiway, I would have photographed his takeoff from what I guessed would be Runway 13, but he turned left instead for departure on 31.

Soon after this picture was taken I finished my work in the office and boogied home to a tasty Christmas repast, sadly a solo event, but a fella can’t always get everything his heart desires on someone else’s birthday. Maybe next year.

Thanks for reading!





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