Gates Learjet 35A

GatLea35A-A1  When I arrived at AeroKnow Museum about 9 am on the first day of 2014, this Gates Learjet 35A, built in 1981 was parked on the ramp, according to the line crew, the first airplane to park at Horizon Aviation in 2014. The sign on the windshield windowsill says BRAKES OFF   OK TO TOW.








Click on any picture for a larger image.






GatLea35A-A7When the flight crew and medical specialists arrived back at the airport, most of them visited AeroKnow Museum and we had a terrific conversation about the airplane and their mission which takes then all over this hemisphere.

GatLea35A-A8The auxiliary power unit was attached to the airplane to provide electricity to the cockpit and other systems aboard the airplane.






























The official identification of the business which operates this airplane is placarded on the port nose landing gear door.







GatLea35A-A16  The long view shows the APU cord still attached while the line crew are positioned beside the tractor and in front of the airplane ready for the pilot’s ;cue to disconnect the cord and for the man in front to signal that it was disconnected; the pilot was clear to leave the ramp at his discretion. In a short time  the airplane was operating on its own power.











Transiting t0 Runway 31, that’s the Illinois State Capitol building in the background.








The gallery would not be complete without a picture of visitors who stopped by earlier in the afternoon. The boy in blue lives in Springfield with his family. The others visited him and the rest of his family over the holidays. A Cessna Citation Excel was waiting for them on the ramp. So the visit with the sprouts, whose picture I took with their mom’s and aunt’s permission did not linger long. But it was a fabulous way to christen this brand new year!

Thanks for reading. Happy new year!


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