Visit to Chino Airport, California — Part 2

On the afternoon of January 31, 2014, American Aviation Historical Society contributing photographer Paul Minert drove me to Chino Airport, California and drove me to several areas of parked civil and civilianized ex-military aircraft which populate this amazing airport.

I’m sharing what I know in the order the pictures appear. Click on any picture for a larger view.


C47-bPictures 1 and 2 are of a C-47 that was purchased locally to give sight-seeing tours of the Los Angeles area. On the first revenue flight after restoring and painting the airplane, the left engine quit in flight, but the airplane safely returned to base. Another engine was acquired, made ready for flight and the airplane returned to the sky. On that flight, the left engine quit again, the aircraft returned safely home, and has remained on the ground ever since. This airplane is parked close to the Aero Trader part of the field. Current status is not known.

C47-c C47-d Pictures 3 & 4 are of a former Pacific Southwest Airlines C-47. It’s parked with the Planes of Fame museum collection near a Grumman OV-1. History and status: unknown.






The C-123 was photographed at Aero Trader. History and status: unknown.

Ditto history and status unknown for the C-131 at Aero Trader.
C123-a C123-c



OV1-a OV1-b

PV2-a PV2-b

RC121-a RC121-c RC121-b RC121-d


F105G-c F105G-a

F105G-d F105G-e F105G-f F105G-h F105G-j F105G-g


SaaDra-a SaaDra-b SaaDra-c SaaDra-d SaaDra-e SaaDra-f SaaDra-g SaaDra-h SaaDra-j












The Grumman OV-1 Mohawk is owned by The Air Museum. Note the absence of speed brakes on the close-up.







The PV-2 Harpoon is close to Aero Trader. History and status: unknown.









The Lockheed EC-121 (originally WV-2) flew for awhile as part of the Yanks Museum collection, but it has not flown for years. Please set the record right if I’m mistaken here.


















The Grumman Albatross, I was told, used to fly for Chalk’s Airline in Florida. It was parked at Aero Trader.

Aero Trader plans to restore the F-105G for a museum; specifics and history: unknown.







































The  Japanese Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru was parked on the ramp with several general aviation aircraft. I did not photograph the hangar which displayed the business’s name. Who can fill in the blank space here?

Saab Drakens. I was told they were imported about 10 years ago and have hardly been touched since. Who can tell us more about these airplanes?










































One reason I created the AeroKnow Museum Gallery of Flight is to engage other aviation enthusiasts in dialogue about these pictures and AeroKnow Museum. Your questions and comments shared directly with the Museum are welcome at

Coming next to AKM’s Gallery of Flight: a visit to Flabob Airport, California, January 31, 2014

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