Air Tractor AT-502, 602 and 802

AirT1aOn March 12, 2014, I took a few pictures of this Air Tractor AT-502B being fueled and taxying to takeoff.



The weather improved the next day when an AT-802 and 602 departed Springfield, Illinois’ Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.

AirT-b1 AirT-b2 AirT-b3 AirT-b5 AirT-b7 AirT-b14 AirT-b18 AirT-8 AirT-10

As I panned with the bird taking off I realized I might get a lucky view of the two if I timed it right . . . . . . and I did. The other AT, a 602, flown by at Air Tractor dealer based in Antioch, Illinois, followed him into the air.
AirT-b15 AirT-b22 AirT-b23 AirT-b24 AirT-b26

The nose down attitude was a surprise. He maintained it most of the way over the runway. The last picture appears to show him diving toward the control tower, but he was a long way away and beginning to raise the nose.

Thanks for visiting AeroKnow Museum’s Gallery of Flight.


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