F/A-18C & Ds Visit March 21, 2014

Late March 2014 brought the return of visiting military aircraft to Horizon Aviation where AeroKnow Museum is located. During the winter, though some might have dropped in for fuel and promptly departed, I saw no fighters or trainers; did see some CH-47s and a UH-60 or two. The first two fighters I encountered arrived March 21 and were joined the next day by two more from a different outfit. They landed at SPI to stage a gravesite funeral service fly-by honoring a fellow pilot who had died while flying an F/A-18 during Top Gun training. The deceased pilot was buried at his home town cemetery near Peoria and Bloomington, Illinois.  Here are the best of the F/A-18 pictures taken during their time on the ground here. Click on any for a larger image. All photos are Copyright 2014 by Job Conger.
F18D-1ikF18D-6aF18D-tF18D-6dF18D-6fF18D-aF18D-b1F18D-mF18D-jF18D-pF18D-tF18D-3QF18D-4eF18D-4nF18D-5nF18D-5sIMG_8361F18D-5z32f18D-5z34F18D-5z53Feel free to add information or ask questions in the comments. Please consider supporting AeroKnow Museum as well. For more information visit http://www.aeroknow.com.

Thanks for visiting AeroKnow Museum’s Gallery of Flight.

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