Beech Starship Visits Springfield, Illinois

All pictures here are thumbnailed, taken by Job Conger, Director AeroKnow Museum. Click on any for a larger view and “back” to return to the blog.

In early December 2013, I glanced through the reinforced window in the door that opened to Hangar 1 at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport and was astonished to see a Beech Starship. I was even more astonished the next morning when I was introduced to its pilot and copilot owners and they amiably agreed to let me take pictures.  They explained they had a morning meeting with a major business across the airport, and they’d be departing for home about 2:00 in the afternoon, and I was welcome to photograph it on the ramp and taking off.
BeeStS-b BeeStS-a BeeStS-d BeeStS-m BeeStS-n BeeStS-s
When I returned about 1:30, the ‘Ship was already being refueled on the ramp.

The airplane is one of only five flying in the world today, and is one of two currently owned by the same person. That person is the gentleman who gave me permission to photograph it.

BeeStSa1 BeeStS-a2 BeeStS-a4 BeeStS-a5 BeeStS-a7 BeeStS-a8 BeeStS-a12 BeeStS-a15 BeeStS-a26 BeeStS-a28  BeeStS-a31   For years I have felt cheated by Fate for not placing me at my favorite airport at a time coincident with the presence of this pioneering Beech flying machcine. I consider myself blessed by this happy encounter with terrific people who were nicer than they needed to be. Thank you Fate and thank you gentlemen.

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