Beech (Pilatus) T-6B Texan II

In late July, 2015 I enjoyed a convivial encounter with the flight crew of this US Navy 6 that had landed in Springfield to refuel. Here at AeroKnow Museum, in compliance with the appropriate protocol shared by the FBO Horizon Aviation, there are “rules of engagement.” The rules help visitors to the two major AKM blogs better understand how just of few pics of an airplane appear at and larger series appear here at the Gallery of Flight.

Rule #1 – If a pilot, flight crew or passenger of a visiting airplane steps into AKM’s WELCOME Room about nine feet from the Horizon Aviation counter, through the door I usually keep wide open when I’m in the room, I may engage said person(s) in convivial conversation that may include asking their permission to walk out onto the parking ramp, 40 feet from my office, and photograph their airplane. I can talk to anyone I encounter in the lobby and lounge area, but I may not ask permission to take pictures on the ramp side of the fence. . . . . .  Actually that is the only rule. The rest is common sense.

If I am outside on the public side of the fence, I’ve learned to engage people in friendly greetings as they walk from aircraft to the entry door to the Horizon lobby and service desk. I try to invite them to AKM and sometimes, in mentioning AKM will ZING in a request to walk out out to the ramp and photog their plane after they visit the museum and pay for the fuel.

The importance of a smile and common courtesy cannot be over stated whether they allow me to phot their planes or not. People come to Horizon NOT to see AKM, though many enjoy visiting and talking. They come to buy fuel and resume their journey. That’s as it should be.  (smile)


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