President Obama’s February 10 Visit to Springfield, Illinois – Part 4

The day after President Obama’s visit was ideal with weather and timing of the final C-17 visit. Unfortunately for me, it was parked next to the terminal where I knew the chances for prime photos were slim. I ALMOST didn’t bother to try. After I changed my mind, I walked over to the terminal’s north side where I had phot’d another 17 earlier in the wee.As I waited for the 17 to park, I saw a Falcon in Canadian registry take off.

Above is my view of the 17 after it parked. I was not interested in taking the same sub-nominal pictures of this bird that I had taken earlier of the President’s VC-25A so I walked to the other side of the terminal to see what I could do from behind the fence.  Here is what I saw as I walked across the parking lot to my new destination.

The ground next to the ramp on this side had obviously hosted the  media and other heavy gear the day before. By the  time I arrived here, the VH-60N and the rest, unloaded from a C-17 two days earlier had been loaded aboard. Just one crew member as engine start was initiiated. I  had seen the smoke before, but had not photographed it. Against the blue sky it was especially interesting. The fellows with the truck and flatbed trailer had just arrived and were removing the chairs that remained from the day before.  That didn’t take long, and soon they had exitedd via the secured gate nearby. outside.

When he turned left onto the taxiway heading southwest to take off on Runway 4, it was clear  I HAD TO BE back where I started, behind the fence on the other side of the terminal. I  have not run as fast as I ran (ran, jogged, walked, ran, jogged, walked) since I was a much younger hombre, but to get the pictures I wanted, the other side was where I HAD TO BE.
I arrived JUST IN  TIME. He had completed final checklists and was turning onto the runway. Here are the pictures taken, intentionally long into the climbout because the  light and aircraft were so perfectly positioned.

So ended the media-credential-less tussle with unhappy circumstance. In retrospect this fate-rendered poop-in-my-face motivated me to try harder to capture some moments worth remembering, so I  suppose, I’m grateful for that. I hope readers of this AeroKnow Museum Gallery of Flight blog like what you’ve seen. If 10 people will leave comments, including constructive criticism, in the comments section that follows BEFORE MARCH 19, I will extend this series to a Part 5 which will be, in one post, all the photos I took on the day when I was GIVEN MEDIA CREDENTIALS for President Obama’s first visit to our city’s Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport aboard  VC-25A “Air Force One” on February 9, 2009.

Thank you for reading this post. Please support AeroKnow Museum. Have a great day.


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