SNJ-6 of John Schonhorst

I was delighted to meet John Schonhorst and passenger US Navy veteran Bob May who visited Springfield in late afternoon October 31, 2016. I understand from Greg Vallero, who taught John how to fly this Texan, that JS is veteran pilot with two military services and more. Bob — believe it or not — soloed for the first time in a US Navy SNJ on October 31, 1956! He went graduated into TO-1, F9F Panther, FJ-4A and B, A4D (as they were called in 1961) and F8U Crusader! He’s the gent with sunglasses and the cane. What stories he could tell! I had just a few minutes with him while JS was paying for the fuel. John visited AeroKnow Museum briefly and promised to return. Bob did not see AKM  but said he hopes to  see it when he can. To give maximum impact to the pictures taken October 31 and about 9:00 am November 1 and are shared in a thumbnail grid. Click on any for a larger pic., I’m not captioning these. I’ll be happy to answer questions and read your comments.

AeroKnow Museum recently moved our WELCOME Room which we occupied for more than six years to a new location that includes the new WELCOME Room and an adjoining Models On Display Room. Things are still being arranged as this post comes together, Look for pictures of the new rooms in a future AKM Gallery of Flight.

Monday afternoon

Tuesday morning



  1. What a beauty she is!!

  2. michael maxwell

    My Dad flew that plane – the serial number is in his logs,112070 – he was a flight instructor at Pensacola – I’ve counted 600+ different SNJs he flew! Sure would like to talk to the owner!

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