December 12 – early Bonanza

This post was place here by accident Tuesdaya, December 13.  It should have been posted at my blog  AeroKnow Day to Day — the daily activity blog   . . . . but on Wednesday, after I discovered my error, I decided to leave it here after re-posting it where I should have posted it Tuesday to give visitors to this AKM Gallery of Flight a sample of  Day to Day.

————– Mon, Dec 12 — The Melatonin I took last night kept me asleep for the duration. I awoke about 7:50 and took truck to service the vehicle’s heater. Arrived at AKM at 9:05. Picked up truck about 11 and stopped at bank to deposit pay check from employer and discovered it had NOT BEEN SIGNED.  I’ll have to give it back to George who will have to take it home to  his wife to sign and with luck, will have it back and deposited by THURSDAY. DANGIT! Processed some pictures in office and went up to Building and Research Rooms at 12:30 where I worked until lunch from Subway at 2:00. Processed and organized digital pictures taken in 2015 until 4. Went up to Building/Research Rms. Worked on B-58. It’s ready  to display now. Also painted canopy and prop of Ju-87G, started masking and painting canopies for B-45. Filed and organized files in ResRm. Began preparing a file cabinet there since the beginning to bring to WelcRm for storing disks of digital ac photos. This means temprarily putting some foreign ac files into storage boxes until we get another file cabinet. Returned DOWN about  7:45, tired and very satisfied with the day. Watched a lot of news reports on Fb about what’s happening in D of C. Pretty scary.  Went home at 9:05. It was a “B” day.

Pictured below is an early Bonanza at Capital Airport, Springfield, Illinois sometime after 1953 when the Cessna 180 behind it entered production. The hangar, then operated by Capitol Aviation had been  dedicated in 1947. This picture is part of the AeroKnow Museum collectiion, photographer unknown.


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