T-38C Talon’s Memorable Encounters Dedicated to General “Hawk” Carlisle

This T-38C and skilled stickmaster visited Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport over the weekend. I photographed it the night it arrived and once a day, from behind the fence until the day it departed when the pilot saw my clearance lanyard and gave me his permission to stand a safe distance on the ramp. I’m not going to caption anything here. I will be happy to respond to questions and comments shared. This presentation is Dedicated to General Hawk Carlisle, commander Air Combat Command. As I talked with the T-38 pilot’s parents, I learned that their son had been Aide de Camp a few years ago to General Carlisle, whom I had met when he visited AeroKnow Museum in 2015. He was VERY  KIND to AKM and to yours truly. When I asked the pilot of the Talon if I could take pictures of his preparation and departure,, he asked “Where will they go?” I replied “To General Carlisle if I can get them to him.” Suddenly the pilot realized we had a special connection, and so did I.

All pictures were taken by Job Conger, Director, AeroKnow Museum. Publication without permission from the photographer is forbidden. Sharing with friends and associates is encouraged. Pictures are presented as thumbnails. Click on any for a larger image.
March 17, 2017

March 18, 2017

March 19, 2017

March 20, 2017

After Keagan flew  out of sight, his parents Randy and Donna McLeese toured AeroKnow Museum. I asked if they had ever attended Springfield Air Rendezvous during the fabulous air show’s 24 consecutive years. They remembered the event attended in the early 2000s which featured a Harrier flight demo and the Blue Angels. We found that year in our collection of SAR souvenir programs, and I asked if they had ever bought one. They believed they had not. So I gave them one of our extra copies. It was a terrific morning.

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