Sikorsky S-76 Spirit

The challenge of last winter’s relocation of the office and Models on Display Rooms to doors off the hallway in the back of the Stellar Aviation (FBO) building is that I almost never hear aircraft arriving on the ramp. Sunday, July 23, 2017 was a happy exception to that “norm.” I heard something loud enough to alert me to investigate. A leisurely walk into t he lobby and a glance at the ramp revealed the just-shut-down S-76, and the pilot was exiting just as I approached the fence.

“Is that an A-109?” I asked him.  I knew it wasn’t the Italian Agusta, but it gave him a reason to notice me and he walked over to the fence.

“No, this is  a Sikorsky S-76,” he said. “It’s about  twice the  size of a 109.”

I  told him how the Illinois Division of Aeronautics used to fly a Spirit many years ago, and I always admired the design, asked if I could come out and take some pictures on the ground and of his departure. He graciously assented.

The  pictures shared are presented on a thumbnail grid format. Click on any for a larger image and back to return to the grid.  The last picture is an Agusta A-119  I photographed earlier this year.

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  1. matthewpenning

    Very nice photos. That’s a big one.

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