DeHavilland Canada Twin Otter

This Twin Otter was on the ramp Friday, October 20, 2017 about 5:15 when I saw it, asked permission from one of the two pilots to come onto the ramp with my security badge and photograph it. The airplane is one of several that flew passengers on scenic tours over the Grand Canyon.  The son of the founder of that business now owns a research firm and operates several Twin Otters for that purpose. They were headed west toward bad weather close to their ultimate destination in Colorado, but wanted to make a few more hours in good weather and overnight that much closer to its home base. The crew was very convivial and gladly showed me the airplane.



  1. Welcome back, long time no see (3 or 4 months?) .
    Nice of the crew to show you around – good for us too!

  2. Thanks, GP. It’s been too long since I’ve posted at the Gallery of Flight because metaphorically speaking, I’ve been busy juggling sharks, and keeping my fingers has been a necessary priority. AeroKnow Museum maintains a daily blog that share’s what happens with AKM and includes pictures a plenty. I hope you will visit if you’re interested.

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