Thanks for visiting the gallery! My name is Job Conger. I am the founder-director of AeroKnow Museum, located at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (SPI) just outside Springfield, Illinois. I also produce  a blog that describes what’s happening at the museum: http://aeroknow.wordpress.com   and a website:  www.aeroknow.com  During the time I’m working in the ground floor AKM office, the door is always open so the sounds engine starts and arrivals of flying machines on the nearby ramp reach me. Most of the time, when I hear something coming or going,  I exit the office with camera in hand to take pictures of aircraft of interest. When pilots or passengers visit my office, just a few feet away from my host FBO’s lobby counter, I always ask what they’re flying, and for permission to photograph their aircraft. Ninety percent of the time, they are flattered and glad to escort me to the ramp for a few pictures. I also photograph aircraft departing. My second posting at this blog is a restored B-25 that was on static display at our city’s annual airshow in 2004. Springfield Air Rendezvous was a summer “fixture” for  24 years, and I was privileged to be a part of the process of producing it. 

Your comments and correspondence are welcome. You’re  also welcome to visit AeroKnow Museum. Contact me — writer@eosinc.com  to schedule a date and time.

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